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We renew the BRC with excellence rating

Once again we renew our BRC certification V.8 at MAES HONEY.
We are proud to offer the best guarantees to our customers. This certification makes clear the safety of our honey and the requirement of our equipment.
Additionally, we also offer IFS, FDA, Kosher and Halal quality certifications.
In addition, it corroborates the trust that you give us.

Note with excellence:

It demonstrates the efficiency and professionalism of our workers, and on the other hand, the perfect optimization of our facilities.
In Maes, the best suppliers are selected and numerous analytical tests are performed. We analyze all the raw material and the final product in prestigious and reference laboratories.
There is a rigorous selection of suppliers to ensure transparency and traceability.
Maes has the most modern honey packaging plant in southern Europe, with productive capacity for 12,000 tons
The greatest consumer satisfaction is sought, backed by all our certifications, which are witnesses of our work.
Globalization is perfectly understood. We need to invest a lot and have an open mind, but we have to update ourself to the times.
There is great involvement on all departments. We must work together and looking for the same goal. It is necessary to understand the cultural diversity of each country.
Maes offers high adaptability, making custom products for four continents.
Constant work to achieve continuous daily improvement and efficiency.
Direct and personalized treatment. Closeness is very important.
The update is something continuous in MAES. Every year, machinery is invested so that it does not become obsolete and always works better.
This guarantees the high quality of our honey and the customer is confident in our experience and good work. Uniting tradition with modernity. Our ancestors taught us that we must not forget the origins, but that at the same time we must understand modern times.

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