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Happy Mother's Day

Mother, there’s only one. Happy Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day commemorates the existence of women in her role as a mother, as the fundamental pillar that sustains the family. It was originally celebrated to cry for peace for the family and for mothers in general.
Today the celebration is presented more as an opportunity to share with family and give gifts. This day is established as an international commemoration. However, its date of celebration changes depending on the country.
Mother’s Day is celebrated in Spain on the first Sunday in May, this 2020 is today May 3.
Under normal conditions it would be a weekend of celebration. In addition, with bridge included, since May 1, International Labor Day, is a national holiday. However, the coronavirus has modified all plans.
However, we will try to celebrate it with great imagination and affection, as was the day of the father.
The Mother, a special figure in every way and who is perhaps the only unconditional love you have during your life. Therefore, it is important to let you know all the gratitude and admiration you feel for them.
From Maes we want to contribute our grain of sand and wish a happy and sweet day to all the mothers of the world, because day by day they are the queen bees of our life.

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