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Why choose Maes Honey as your trusted beekeeping company?

We are the leading company in the production and export of honey in Spain. We have more than 100 years of experience in the sector, doing what we love the most: creating your own brands and exporting our exquisite honey so that you can enjoy it from all over the world.

At Maes Honey we have several own brands such as BonapiLas Abejas and Summer Farm.

Export of honey from maes honey

How do we export our honey?

In Maes Honey we have a wide distribution network that allows us to export our products to more than 35 countries in the 5 continents; being Europe, United States, Latam, Maghreb and Arab countries our main areas.

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What makes Maes Honey different from our competitors?

At Maes Honey we want to offer the best possible service to our customers and suppliers. We have invested in R&D, achieving the most modern and automated factory in Europe, which enables us to:

  • Offer a fast production process: At Maes Honey we have adapted to the retail sector, which allows us to produce 50,000 jars per shift.

At Maes Honey we have a production capacity of 12,000 tonnes per year, which allows us to supply all our customers.

  • Storage capacity: A few months ago, at Maes Honey, we expanded our facilities to increase the storage capacity of our honey and other supplies by 200%.

We have a storage capacity of 3,000 tonnes of raw materials, which allows us to avoid possible stock-outs.

If you want more information about our reform, feel free to visit our blog!

  • Quality: Our many years of experience, acquired skills and knowledge of the sector have enabled us to produce and export high quality honey, and… we don’t say so, our sanitary certifications do!

Our products have several health certifications such as BRC, FDA, IFS, HALAL, Kosher, etc. In addition, in our factory we carry out an internal analysis with an NMR, which allows us to ensure the quality of our production.

  • Adaptation of the size of the products: At Maes Honey we are known for adapting to the needs of consumers. we offer 350, 450, 500 and 750 gram dispensers, and 500 gram and 1kg PET jars.
  • Market segmentation of honey: At Maes Honey we produce honey adapted to the tastes of our various markets to satisfy even the most demanding palate.
  • We create your own brand, adapting it to your market and potential customers: We create private labels according to the needs of our customers’ consumers; adapting the honey, type of honey and size of the products.

At Maes Honey we want to help you to create your own brand, for this, we provide you with all possible facilities, for example, we guarantee a label design that is approved by the different quality controls.

But… How do we create your white label?

Do you want to create your own brand of honey and don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, Maes Honey has solutions for you!

At Maes Honey we take care of adapting the honey to the taste of potential customers, we create different product formats to suit consumer preferences, we export your brand to the markets you wish to supply, we ensure a quality product backed by different health certifications, we help you create an elegant and eye-catching label for customers, and … that is approved by the quality controls of the country of destination!

If you want more information on how to create your own brand, please contact us at! We will be happy to help you!

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