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Our trajectory

The effort, perseverance and a tradition that involves the last four generations of the Redondo family have been the keys for more than a century so that MAES HONEY has gone from being a family business to one of the most important beekeeping producers in Spain that works to take care of the naturalness of the honey.

Redondo Family Chronology

YEAR 1910

The beginnings: The Redondo family started beekeeping with great-grandfather César, buying his first 10 hives.

YEAR 1936

Honey as barter: Due to the war, honey is used as barter currency

YEAR 1947

The family increases their hives and makes beekeeping their profession.

YEAR 1956

La Familia expands the number of hives to 1,000 industrial hives and abandons cork hives

YEAR 1961

They begin to carry out beekeeping transhumance with trips to Extremadura to collect Eucalyptus pollen and honey.

YEAR 1968

Buy-Sell: Cecilio begins to trade in bulk honey

YEAR 1972

The Redondo family reaches 2,000 hives

YEAR 1980

They build the first warehouse in Aldeatejada and leave Valero, improving its geographical position

YEAR 1989

Cecilio creates his first artisanal honey packaging company.

YEAR 1989

Jump to honey packaging industry: They install the first pasteurization plant and make the jump to honey packaging industry.

YEAR 1993

Starts selling honey in Germany, the company's first export

YEAR 1995

The sale and export of honey is expanded throughout Europe.

YEAR 2000

CONEXCAL – Consortium to sell in Arab countries

YEAR 2009

New packaging plant: Construction begins on the new honey packaging plant with 7,600 m2

YEAR 2012

An innovative cold honey processing system is installed.

YEAR 2014

Quality certifications are obtained – IFS / BRC / FDA

YEAR 2016

Packaging lines are expanded to increase production of the 1 kg glass honey jar

YEAR 2017

Name change to Maes Honey

YEAR 2018

3 new PET packaging formats, with anti-drip system.

YEAR 2019

We installed the processing and packaging plant to market Monofloral and Cream honeys

YEAR 2020

2 high-production automatic PET packaging lines are assembled

YEAR 2022

We expanded the factory by 50%, with a total of 15,000 m2

Get to know our products

They are selected products and careful in their preparation. In addition, our products are subject to rigorous and strict quality control, making MAES HONEY the Spanish company with the highest certifications such as BRC, IFS, Kosher, FDA and Halal.

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