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Maes Honey expands its packaging lines

The newspaper “La Gaceta” has published a story about the improvements being made by Maes Honey: “Maes Honey expands its packaging lines”

Main points of the improvements in the honey packaging line:

-It plans to invest 750,000 euros to update its packaging lines. On the one hand, although there are recent lines, it is always necessary to be alert and renew any detail. On the other hand, a new line for monofloral honey, organic honey and cream honey will be installed.

-Last year it updated its water treatment plant.

-Installation of 3 new 10-ton tanks to offer a variety of floral monkey honey, organic honey and cream. (So ​​far the tanks were 50 tons).

-In addition, it is installing a new pasteurization line of 1500kg / hour.

-The current production capacity will go from 12,000 to 14,000 tons of honey annually.

Maes Honey is a reference in Spain and Europe, it is among the 10 largest honey packers. And it has the largest honey packaging factory in southern Europe. Something he has achieved with great effort. But it does not comply with these figures and it is working on the study of the expansion of facilities

Here you have a link to read the news:
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