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Four generations as leaders in honey exports

Maes Honey has been dedicated to the world of honey production and export for more than four generations, which has made it grow day after day in recent decades. We are leaders in honey exports thanks to our effort and sacrifice.

Today we tell you everything about us!

Growing as honey leaders in exporters since 1910

The Redondo family began in the world of beekeeping as a family business in 1910 thanks to the teaching of Cura de Valero. The consumption of honey was widespread internationally and due to the war, honey was exchanged for wheat in large markets in the province.

The great-grandfather César Andrés creates the company Feyce ​​and buys his first 10 hives in Valero. The professionalization of this activity came from the hand of Cecilio Redondo, who devised an ingenious system of transhumance taking advantage of the fact that the plants from which the nectar is obtained flourish earlier in the south than, in the north, transporting the swarms to territories of the provinces of Badajoz or Cáceres to obtain a greater harvest of honey.

Later, I moved them to Salamanca in time for the late flowering to allow for new production, which later made us begin to be leaders in honey exports.

Fábrica de miel
Honey export factory

Leap into a new era as leading honey exporters

After this initiative, Cecilio became the main beekeeper in the area, having more than 2,000 hives.

Cecilio began to sell honey throughout the north of Spain and in the 80s he stopped production and began to dedicate himself to artisan packaging for bulk trade, building a new warehouse located in Aldeatejada (Salamanca).

In 1989, it inaugurated the first pasteurization plant and made the leap to the honey packaging industry.

The beginning of the export

Due to the sustained growth, it was decided to include the sale of honey throughout the country, making the business known.

After the success in Spain, little by little it was internationalized and soon began to expand throughout the world and the first countries that began to buy honey were Germany, Portugal, France and years later honey was already sold throughout Europe.

With this great leap, new machines, technologies and innovations were integrated into the factory, giving way to a new era.

Fábrica de miel
Honey factory

The new era of honey export

In 2012 and due to the growth of the company, a new packaging plant was created with a total of 7,600m2.In addition, the packaging lines are expanded to increase the production of the 1kg jar of honey.

In 2017, César Redondo, Cecilio’s son, took over the management of the family business and changed the image and name to Maes Honey.

With this, it also implements new changes such as the installation of 3 new PET container formats, with an anti-drip system, the processing and packaging plant is installed to increase the export of honey, in addition to assembling 2 high production automatic PET packaging lines.

The basis of our growth as the main exporter of honey

At MAES HONEY we have spent years innovating and anticipating the needs of the sector and the consumer. We work on innovation at all points of the production process, developing and implementing constant improvements that allow us to ensure that our products always meet the highest quality standards, the different regulations and legislation in force in food and animal welfare and of course with the requirements From the market.

Our products have been recognized by the best Quality and Food Safety Certifications such as IFS, BRC, FDA, Kosher, Halal, etc.

Fábrica de miel
Honey factory

Looking to the future, maintaining ourselves as the main exporters of honey

Our brand is appreciated and recognized throughout the world for what is most important to us, its quality. To make the consumption of our products closer and easier both in the national territory and in the rest of the world, at Maes Honey we have the support of an extensive distribution network and the best professionals, making our honey reach every corner.

Currently, our factory has a total of 15,000 m2 of impeccable facilities and more than 30 people dedicated in body and soul make it possible for MAES HONEY to combine the most traditional honey production system with the latest technological innovations, making us leaders in honey exports.

It is the most modern and automated factory in Europe. With an annual capacity of 12,000 tons. Within it, it has a total of four jar packaging lines plus three lines for Industry and Horeca, which allows us to have a permanent stock of 3,000 tons.

In addition, it has a Laboratory and internal analysis control with NMR, thus guaranteeing the highest quality of our honey.

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