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No Bullying!

International Bullying Day.

May 2 is celebrated on International Day against Bullying. The goal is to raise awareness of the risk of bullying and bullying in children and young people worldwide.
We must raise awareness and seek the mechanisms to avoid this evil. It has become a terrible danger to the child and youth population. Violence in schools must therefore be avoided and such a protocol of action should be established.
The cause is represented by a purple bow.
Bullying is to assault verbally or physically, causing harm to the victim. This harassment of one or more people towards their fellow human beings, in which the person suffers from threats, intimidation, manipulation and even physical aggression is part of our current society.
We must immediately tackle bullying, ending it is a task that is up to all of us.
Maes Honey as part of this society, does not want to be indifferent to this problem. We can see with sadness and helplessness, as human beings die every day due to bullying and bullying.
Awareness must be raised from home and schools. This problem must definitely end. We must send some hopeful message to parents and to all those children and young people who are going through a similar situation.
So this May 2nd, join this celebration.

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