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Honey nights for Ramadan

Maes wants to be his honey supplier for Ramadan.

Honey nights for Ramadan.
Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. It is one of the most important events of the Islamic religion.
The celebration of Ramadan this year is scheduled to begin around 23-25 April. Its duration is approximately one month, however, its celebration will have to be adapted to the measures of containment of the state of alarm by the Pandemic of Covid-19.
As is well known, for a month Muslims for their faith and beliefs practice daily fasting from dawn until the sun goes down. This implies that meals must be made before sunrise or after sunset.
Throughout the day you should refrain from drinking, cigarettes, meals and having sex. Once the sun is set, it is the time of the Maghrib, and the fast is over.
Dinner during the 30 days becomes an occasion for the meeting with the family. A very abundant and nutrient-rich meal is made, which will be necessary to carry out the next day’s fast.
First of all “dátiles” accompanied by water and milk followed by some fruit smoothie. A few hours later, main meals are served. “Harira soup is the most important dish, without it there is no Ramadan.” It is followed with more dishes, which depend on the taste of each family: Harcha cake, vegetable and meat dumplings, eggs boiled with cumin…; more typical sweets and drinks, to finish with the last soft meal that must be steamed or boiled and that depends on family tastes and traditions.
Our quality honey is one of the important ingredients for these typical and traditional dinners.
We leave you one of the sweet and typical recipes of Ramadan.
Honey biscuits for Ramadan.

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