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Video of honey packaging in 1kg jar in Maes Honey

Video of polyflora honey packaging in 1 kg jar in Maes Honey.

There are many who ask us to see our facilities. As you know to be a food industry it is important to have a lot of control in visits to avoid setbacks and threats. Our certifications guarantee such rigor. But to compensate you we have recorded a small video of our flower honey packaging in 1kg jar. This line has a rotary filler with 32 filling nozzles, packaging 7,000.00 jars per hour. It is of great precision. If there is any type of deviation, notify of any discrepancy. For example, check that the weight of the empty jar is the one indicated and if necessary correct it, thus ensuring that the total final weight is the one that corresponds. And in addition, every year we reinvest part of the benefits to improve our lines
The 1kg jar is our flagship product, it is the one you demand the most and that is why it has been the line chosen to be filmed. And as you can see, it is packaged in modern lines that provide reliability, safety and speed. Ensuring that when you have the honey in the linear everything is perfect.
Adding, that all our factory and process has the certifications IFS, FDA, BRC, Kosher and Halal with high marks. Confirming our good work. Every day we work to ensure the highest quality standards. The requirement is key to offer security and satisfaction

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