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The flower season has arrived, welcome spring!

“Spring has come, no one knows how it has been…” (Antonio Machado)

Flowers and bees has brought. The flower season has arrived, welcome spring! is when the fields are full of flowers and our beloved bees start working. All perform different functions and each of these has its own and elemental character for the success of all. Their work together makes the result unique.
As our only honey, the result of this joint work of many people, who day by day with work and effort, get that quality product aimed at satisfying our culinary pleasures. We work to ensure the highest quality of all products to our customers. In order to offer this guarantee, both in flower honey and forest honey, the product is taken care of from the purchase of honey to the optimal arrival of consumers.
A product full of professionalism, responsibility and commitment to the environment and people.
Spring came to stay with us. It comes full of virginal green, fresh, which suggests serenity, harmony, life, fertility and hope in the summer that will come with its fruits.
That’s why, from Maes, this spring we want it to bring clean and healthy air, flowers and smells, delicacies and flavors, green color and hope… A message of well-being and encouragement for everyone.
May this spring fill us with honey and life, which is missing us…

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