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Tips for storing honey

If you want to enjoy all the flavor of honey, today we bring you some tips to keep honey the same as the first day.

Honey is a natural food loaded with nutrients and properties. These favor the proper conservation of the product for a long time, provided it is stored correctly.

However, once we have opened the jar of honey, it is advisable to follow some instructions to prevent it from fermenting or ending up crystallizing.

Next, we will tell you some “tricks” or tips that you can put into practice to keep the honey in optimal conditions after having opened it.

Temperature: key to its conservation

Once we have obtained a jar of honey, it is time to think about the place where we will store it during its consumption. This fact is important, especially once the jar has been opened.

We recommend choosing a dry place, protected from sources of light and heat. A determining factor when placing it is the temperature. The ideal is to keep the honey at a constant room temperature, avoiding thermal oscillations. Avoid storing it in the fridge or in places with high temperatures, as its properties will be affected.

For example, a good place where you can place the jar of honey is in the kitchen itself, in a piece of furniture far enough away from devices that give off heat.

Perfectly closed jars

For honey to have all its flavor and characteristic attributes, it must be prevented from coming into contact with oxygen from the environment.

By keeping the jar tightly closed we will be protecting its qualities, helping to prevent its deterioration. In this sense, the best are the bottles with spiral-shaped closures, since they guarantee a perfect closure.

Tips para conservar la miel

Pay attention to utensils

Once we have opened the jar, it is time to taste the honey. However, when removing it, we advise you to be especially careful with the utensils used.

If we use dirty cutlery or instruments we will contaminate the honey. The small remains of other foods or external residues could affect its properties, impairing both the flavor and aroma of honey, as well as its conservation capacities.

For this reason, we recommend that you monitor their cleanliness, making sure, when you go to use them, that they are in perfect condition.

What happens if honey crystallizes?

Although it shouldn’t happen if stored properly, honey can crystallize, especially if it’s placed in the fridge. As we have previously advised you, try to keep it in a place at room temperature, if possible constantly.

In case it crystallizes, do not throw away the honey. It is as simple as heating the bottle in a container at room temperature or using warm water. Try to stir it frequently, until it recovers its characteristic liquid consistency. It will not lose its quality.

Glass vs. plastic

You probably already know: glass containers contribute to a better preservation of honey. Always try to keep it in jars or jars made of this material, as they protect it from thermal fluctuations and preserve its properties.

On the contrary, plastic containers are not only unable to protect honey in the way that glass acts, but they can also release some type of residue that harms its qualities.

Tips para conservar la miel

How to know if honey is expired?

Despite the fact that it is a product of almost unlimited duration, honey loses quality over time. If when you open the bottle you perceive that it gives off an unpleasant odor or, when you try it, it does not taste good, it is likely that it has either expired or has been in contact with some type of external element that has caused an alteration or contamination in the honey.

A visible variation in the color, or texture, of the honey is an indicator that it is not fresh. This leads to a loss or reduction in the quality and properties of this product.

Undoubtedly, the most obvious sign that will help us rule out honey is the presence of mold or yeast. It is an indisputable indicator of the expiration date of the product and, therefore, it is not suitable for consumption.

These are some tips that can help you keep the honey in perfect condition once you have opened its jar. We hope you find them useful and that you can put them into practice from now on.

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