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How to preserve honey correctly

Honey is a staple in many kitchens and is a useful sweetener for both food and drink. The good news about honey is that it is a very durable food and is very easy to store.

Even if it starts to crystallize, there is a very easy way for it to liquefy again. Honey is a food with a multitude of different properties that you can keep for years without spoiling.

There are many tips that you can put into practice to preserve honey and make it last a long time without crystallizing and in perfect condition for consumption.

Cómo conservar la miel

1. Use glass containers

If you have acquired honey naturally, it is most likely that it already comes in such a container. But if, on the other hand, you have the honey stored in a plastic bottle, you will not be able to keep it in good condition since the plastic changes over time and may even release some of its components.

Furthermore, plastic packaging does not normally resist or insulate changes in temperature, and these changes will affect the quality of the honey.

2. Suitable temperature

Find a place at room temperature. Do not put it near heat sources but also do not put it in the refrigerator. The room temperature of a kitchen or a pantry will be perfect to preserve it. The ideal temperature is between 10 and 20 degrees.

3. Close the container well

It is important to close the container that contains the honey well. In this way we will prevent oxygen from coming into contact with the honey causing it to lose its flavor.

It will be a good choice if the container has a spiral lid.

4. It is possible to freeze honey

There is a big difference between refrigerating honey and freezing it. Refrigerating it will completely ruin it, but freezing it will preserve it. If you have a significant amount of honey and you fear it will spoil, freezing it may be a good option.

It is possible to freeze it without losing its properties, but it must be taken into account that honey tends to expand when it is at a very low temperature, so avoid overfilling the jar.

To defrost it, use the well-known water bath method, since it is not advisable to wait for it to thaw at room temperature. In short, the best we can do is keep the honey in a hermetically sealed glass jar.

Keep it at room temperature and in a dark place so that it preserves its color and flavor.

Cómo conservar la miel

What to do if the honey has crystallized?

Don’t be alarmed if the honey turns cloudy during storage. This is called crystallization. The term “converted to sugar” is also often heard. It is not harmful nor is it a sign of deterioration.

Almost all types of honey crystallize at some point. It is a natural process and occurs faster when the product is stored at cold temperatures.

If your honey has crystallized, you can easily liquefy it again. We simply have to place the jar of honey in a pot with hot water and stir gently while it heats up, but not at a very high temperature.

Excessive heat can alter the taste and color of honey. We must also avoid putting it in the microwave as it can heat up too quickly.

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