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What is Las Abejas honey?

Our range of Las Abejas Honey is that special honey that takes us to the hives, to those fields full of flora and nature, to the hum of the bees and that sweet smell of nectar.
Honoring and displaying the values of these insects, Las Abejas was born, the largest bee production in Spain and one of the main ones worldwide.

Las Abejas Honey is made from the natural combination of a wide variety of wild flowers. In this way, its composition varies depending on the pollen collection area and the season of the year in question.

It is a multifloral honey, since in its composition the nectar of any flower does not predominate over that of another.

Although the truth is that its organoponic properties, that is, color, aroma and flavor, may vary slightly, depending on the time of year; Generally, our Las Abejas Honey has a sweet, intense and persistent flavor on the palate, a more or less intense amber color and a pleasant floral aroma.

Properties and benefits of Las Abejas Honey

It is a perfect honey for everyday use, since given its nature, it has numerous beneficial properties for health:

  • Burn relief
  • Skin regenerative properties
  • Antibacterial effect
  • Antiseptic
  • Relieves throat irritations
  • Provides energy
  • It is good for memory
  • Provides proteins
  • Improves the appearance of the skin

In this way, it is not only a delicious product, but combined with other natural products, it provides numerous health benefits.

For example, a spoonful of honey in a glass of milk, before going to sleep, is ideal for resting; we can use honey with oats, which is perfect for exfoliating the skin; or use a teaspoon of honey as a natural sweetener in yogurt, etc.

Thus, another of the advantages of this product is that it can be used to sweeten other products. It is a healthy food with great versatility, since its mild flavor sweetens without altering the flavor of other products.

For this reason, Las Abejas Honey is ideal for making a wide variety of delicious recipes, to which it will add a unique and special touch.

In addition, Miel Las Abejas is ideal for the whole family, from the little ones to the older ones.

Different formats

Miel Las Abejas is based on flower honey, offering the flavor of nature in every spoonful.
It is a honey that remembers the importance of biodiversity and the ecosystem, the tradition and the beekeeping origins of the company. It is a tribute to beekeepers and those small beings that give us life, the bees.

We can find it in two different formats:


Glass bottle

For the more traditional ones who want to enjoy honey as always, with those wooden spoons that are reminiscent of the swarm. These jars range from the 375g jar to the 1kg jar.

Container with dispenser

The PET Range is indicated for those people who do not want to waste a single drop of honey, who are looking for exact measurements and with maximum cleanliness and comfort. The exclusive MAES dispensers range from 350 gr to 750 gr
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