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Maes Honey at the Hostelry Gala 2019

The eleventh gala of the Hospitality Awards of Salamanca began at 9:30 pm at the Doña Brígida hotel on November 11. In addition, more than 1100 people gathered. In particular 130 collaborating companies, representatives of institutions and 21 finalists. Maes Honey at the Hospitality Gala 2019

Protagonism to hostelry professionals

It is a great event to share an evening with hospitality professionals. Listening firsthand to their stories, challenges and plans. None have had an easy path, but that is about overcoming. And it is a pride that outside of Salamanca our chefs are recognized or that some restaurants are an example and that diners want to visit them.
We congratulate all the winners and finalists. And those who could not be among the elect, do not decay, you are also doing a great job.

Maes Honey supporting the hostelry industry

Maes Honey wanted to participate in this event and our director and department managers were there once again.
It was a bright night. Full of shows. With a variety of surprises. And with a dinner where they could take the products of Salamanca companies.
Not only were the expected expectations met, but they were exceeded
From here our congratulations to Claudio and Eva for the great organization.

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