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Honey makes you fat, right or myth?

Honey is a healthy alternative to most artificial sweeteners. Because of its taste, sweeter than sugar, there is a belief that bee honey fattens, is that true?

Next we will discuss the nutritional values ​​of honey, its comparison with sugar and whether or not it is true that honey is fattening.

Why honey is less fattening than sugar

The truth is that by having fewer calories than sugar, and a moderate glycemic index, honey allows you to maintain moderate blood sugar levels. This, in moderate levels, provides a greater satiating sensation, and with it, a lower production of fat.

Refined sugar is an empty carbohydrate, that is, sugar lacks nutrients, and only provides calories. In other words, white sugar is 100% sucrose.

Honey makes you fat

For its part, honey not only provides calories, but is also rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes and trace elements beneficial to health.

Thus, honey has 82% sugars, 17% water and a percentage of macro and micro nutrients. Therefore, honey is much richer nutritionally than sugar.

So does honey make you fat? Is it healthier than sugar? One tablespoon of honey contains 46 kcal; while a tablespoon of sugar has 93 kcal. However, it may happen that, due to its density, a tablespoon of honey is more fattening than a sugar.

Thus, honey has fewer calories than sugar, since in addition, a smaller amount of honey is generally used than sugar, since its flavor is also much sweeter. Therefore, honey is an interesting alternative to artificial sweeteners.

Recommended amount of honey per day

Ideally, to maintain the balance within a healthy diet, is to consume one or two small tablespoons of honey a day. We can add honey to yogurts, cakes, cakes, etc.

Obviously, if honey is consumed excessively or uncontrollably on a regular basis, this can lead to weight gain. This means that honey by itself, in a moderate way, does not make you fat, so it is important to find balance in our diet.

It is a hypercaloric food, the effect of which depends largely on the frequency and quantity in which it is consumed. For example, within weight loss diets, it is recommended to consume around 10 g of honey a day.

La miel engorda

Other properties and benefits of honey on our health

Here are other benefits that honey brings to the body:

  • Relieves throat discomfort: A glass of milk with honey helps to relieve sore throats, as well as coughs or relieve minor colds. This is thanks to the antimicrobial and antioxidant effects of honey.
  • Energy source: Honey provides energy that is metabolized quickly. Therefore, its consumption is recommended when energy is required quickly.
  • Calming effect: Honey not only promotes sleep, but also helps in relaxation, relieves anxiety attacks and reduces stress.
  • Protects the heart: Being rich in antioxidants, honey favors the protection of the heart, reduces cholesterol levels and even reduces the risk of suffering some types of cancer. Thus, honey not only protects the heart, but also strengthens the immune system.
  • Heals burns and wounds: Since the Egyptians, honey was used to heal wounds and superficial burns.
  • Promotes digestion: When combined with other natural elements, such as lemon or cinnamon, honey promotes digestion, thus relieving constipation and stomach discomfort.

Therefore, honey does not make you fat if it is consumed in a moderate way in our diet. The key is in balance, since any food consumed in excess can lead to weight gain.

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