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Happy grandparents day from Maes

Grandparents, those endearing people…

Happy grandparents day from Maes. We don’t want to forget about this endearing family date in Maes. Our congratulations to all grandparents for being many times one of the main axes of our lives.
We remember in a special way Manuela and Esteban, for whom hives and honey were their passion and craft and transmitted it with great dedication and affection to their descendants. Pay homage to grandparents for Maes Honey.
Four generations have been working at Maes which explains the success of this business. A company that began with the dream of Manuela and Esteban. Honeymen’s masters of the southern province of Salmantine who with tesson and effort managed to instill the traditional values of honey in their grandson, César Redondo. He has decided to honor them by creating Maes Honey.

Four generations and a passion for honey

Effort, perseverance and a tradition that involves the last four generations of the Redondo family. These qualities have been the keys for more than a century. Reason why Maes Honey has gone from being a family business to one of the most important beekeeping producers in Spain. Maes works to take care of the naturalness of honey.
The history of Maes Honey began to be written in 1910. Then César and Elena, a modest marriage settled in the small town of Valero, fall in love with the beekeeping world. Valero is located in the heart of the Salmantine mountains. That’s when they decide to buy hives. Their passion is such that they manage to instill it in the next generation. It is the marriage of his son Esteban and his wife Manuela. Very soon this dedication becomes his craft.

Happy grandparents day from Maes

These are the values that convey to his son Cecilio, who, in addition to acquiring and keeping them intact, launches into the adventure of marketing. With a clear goal: to carry your grandparents’ honey all over the country. With this premise he creates the FEYCE brand inspired by the name of his sons, Felisa and César. The latter will be in charge of picking up the family witness. César and his father Cecilio continue to form the next generation.
With César Redondo at the helm, FEYCE made the leap to foreign trade. And he managed to expand the family business by exporting honey to more than 30 countries spread across five continents.
Maes Honey is currently the main honey packer and exporter in Spain. Gaining recognition from the most demanding consumers worldwide.
This is the story of Maes Honey, a family circle involving four generations. A beautiful story of overcoming, working and dedication. In which family roots and artisan traditions have managed to merge with the most prestigious technological advances. Where care in every detail, the care in each step of elaboration and the persistence of maintaining quality artisanal values have a unique objective: to offer the best honey in Spain.
Excellent quality and continuous tradition that is reflected in the personality and character of our endearing loved ones: grandparents.

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