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Breakfast with honey, start your day with energy

Breakfast with honey is a trend and has great effects on your day to day. How about starting the day in a much sweeter way?

Although, including this superfood in your diet is much more than sweetening your day from first thing in the morning. Starting the day including this food in your routine will bring you countless benefits for your health and that of your family. For both adults and children, honey is ideal first thing in the morning for many reasons. We tell you!

Honey, a superfood for 21st century family breakfasts

Why is breakfast with honey important? The pace of life faced by families today is frenetic. The days seem endless and are packed with both professional and personal activities. 

Work presentations, business lunches, exercise routines, taking the little ones to and from their activities… a whole host of activities that require us to keep our batteries charged. 

Breakfast with honey, a source of energy for everyday life

One more reason to choose honey for breakfast Did you know that honey improves brain function? Honey contains calcium, a mineral that improves our brain function. This is because neurons use calcium as a starting point for sending signals and carrying messages. 

According to nutritionists, honey at breakfast is ideal for athletes, growing children, older adults or people who need extra energy because they need an extra intellectual charge. 

Honey is a source of extra energy for our bodies, which can be consumed quickly and easily. 

breakfast with honey

Breakfast with honey for the little ones

Breakfast with honey is also perfect for children. Honey is an ideal product for children. Honey is a natural substitute for sugar, which sweetens their breakfast, avoiding products with a high content of saturated fats or sugars. In this way, including honey in the morning will transform your children’s breakfast into a great healthy breakfast. 

Need some ideas on how to do it? The options are varied and very simple, allowing you to adapt breakfast to the tastes and needs of the little ones. 

Honey is the ideal complement to dairy products and juices (a glass of milk, a bowl of cereal, a yoghurt, an orange juice… with a teaspoon of honey). But you can also include it in your daily routine with toast. In the latter case, you can avoid, for example, foods such as butter or margarine, jams or jellies or processed pastries. 

Have you ever tasted toast with olive oil and honey? This superfood is rich in products typical of a Mediterranean diet, and what’s more, it tastes amazing!

breakfast with honey

Breakfast with honey, a source of vitamin B-6

Breakfast with honey for the little ones in the house will help them to eat healthier from the start of the day. 

Honey, in addition to being a natural sugar substitute, is a source of vitamin B-6. This nutrient has enormous beneficial effects on children’s immune systems, helping to keep them in optimal condition. 

It also mitigates the effects of fatigue and tiredness, helping to maintain the level of activity that characterises children’s long days. 

A spoonful of honey on an empty stomach

A spoonful of honey on an empty stomach can bring multiple benefits in some contexts:

  • If you are on a diet: it will help you feel full, as it is high in nutrients and carbohydrates.
  • It will give you extra energy: it will help you recharge your batteries if you usually do sport at the start of the day. Also, as explained in this post, it contributes to your mental agility.
  • It improves your defences: it keeps your immune system in good working order. In this way, in cold weather like nowadays, it helps to prevent colds.
  • Promotes blood circulation: this is due to the fact that it helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the body.

Major effects on the environment and production patterns

Likewise, by incorporating honey into your daily breakfasts, you will be making a more sustainable and conscious consumption. 

We invite you to visit the “Mielenials” initiative, developed by the European Union and the Spanish Association of Honey Traders and Packers (ASEMIEL ANIMPA). It aims to encourage the consumption of honey as part of a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

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