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Natural honey against colds and flus in autumn

During the coldest months of the year, the consumption of blossom and forest honey intensifies due to its numerous properties and benefits as a curative product.  

Natural honey against colds and flus in autumn. Grandmother´s apothecary is always full of natural remedies consisting of products and ingredients that can be found at everyone’s home. From autumn on, it is very usual to get a cold, a sniffle or the flu. We always revert to these types of remedies to prepare ourselves for the cold season. Which is at the same time the most natural and healthiest way to protect and care ourselves. Natural honey is one of the most used products for combatting colds and flus. Due to the nutritive elements that blossom honey, mono-flower as well as multi-flower honey, and forest honey contain, honey became our best companion during the cold months.

Colds and flus in autumn

Everyone knows the days of autumn at which the thermometer shows a significant difference in temperature. Which directly affects our immune system as it cannot handle these drastic changes in temperature.  And abruptly transforms into colds and flus. These huge differences affect our organism when our defenses are at the lowest level.
These diseases are not only the consequences of differences in temperature.  But also of not knowing how to adapt to the new climatology. For many people it is very difficult to let the summer behind and to get used to the coldest months of the year. Not dressing adequately and going outside without a warm jacket lets our blood heat fall and disburdens the entrance of bacteria and virus into our organism.

Honey, the best companion

As we can see, strengthening our defenses is one of the best techniques to brave the diseases of autumn and to protect ourselves. Thus, it is not only sufficient to dress up adequately but also to pay special attention to our inside. We have to strengthen our nutrition by having a balanced diet including fruits and vegetables.  But also by making use of the products that contain a lot of minerals and vitamins.
One of the products, which are famous for its multiple curative properties in all cultures, is honey. Thanks to its high content of vitamins (A, C, D, B1, B2, B3, B5 y B6). And minerals (copper, magnesium, iron, phosphor, potassium, Sulphur, calcium, manganese, sodium and iodine). Honey is considered to be a highly nutritive product.
The antioxidant properties of natural honey, which include phenol, flavonoid and the ascorbic acid, are acclaimed by everyone. Its properties, as well as its aspects, structure and sweetness result in being the perfect natural remedy which supports the relief and calmness of the symptoms of colds and flus. To benefit from these properties, honey can be consumed solely or accompanied by other nutritive aliments such as lemon or ginger.

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