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Welcome summer. Refreshing honey's drinks

Today June 21 at 12:07 we welcome summer and honey in refreshing drinks! So we say goodbye to the time of more flowers and colors in the field. But this does not mean that bees take vacations. We can already enjoy honey with flowers and there is nothing left for them to start collecting honey. Then, do not forget to bring our honey: ‘Las Abejas’, with you; because it’s perfect to accompany your refreshments. What better plan to take a healthy smoothie on the beach accompanied by natural honey?
Another recommendation to use honey this summer is to make masks, because its properties are good to avoid sun spots or to prolong the tan.
Of course, while we started the summer, we remember that the other hemisphere is receiving the cold winter and enjoy those afternoon blankets with hot tea accompanied by honey.
They are good reason to bring a honey squeeze in your bag to sweeten your moments.

How is the summer for bees and honey

During summer, the bees continue to work hard to collect flowers and create the operculums in the combs to seal the completed hexagons in order to survive the future months.
For those who are more curious we also have information. It is said that the bees work the most with temperatures that oscillate between 15 and 25 degrees. This mean that there are areas of Spain which are perfect for them. Hence there is so much transhumance of hives. And it is important to ensure that there will be water area nearby so that the bees can cope with the heat.
Besides work of beekeepers in summer is very important because it is fully dedicated to the extraction of honey. And remember that leaving some honey for bees as feed for their hard work.

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