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The sweetness of equality


Due to the evolution in gender equality. Cadena Cope Salamanca with the collaboration of Paula Romero have wanted to pay homage to women, seeking the sweetness of equality. The reason is found in the great trajectory they have had since times when women in Spain could not vote until today.  Working together now for a future full of sweetness.( The sweetness of equality)
In the present in Spanish business fabric stands out for a correct equity.  Valuing people for their skills, talent, effort, sympathy … and sweetness among other facets. But above all, as mentioned in this week betting on a society where talent does not understand gender.
To perform this tribute has been made the “I Week of Women”. There have been conferences, a pleasant evening and as a culmination a fashion show.
It has been a week in which it has been remembered the importance of valuing the person for who is and not for its packaging.
And as it could not be less in MAES HONEY we could not miss. Our company stands out for a social policy in which the whole team complements and together they are a perfect combination to become leaders of the honey. Our team is an important key to the business. The company is based on values ​​instilled by our ancestors and they knew the importance of a team work where the people had to add


Cadena Cope is a Spanish radio network of great prestige. It is currently the second most heard radio in Spain and offers variety of quality content. It was created in 1980 and after these 37 has not stopped collecting listeners, or as they like to say now, listeners.


Entrepreneurial woman who has been in charge of Paula Romero Medical Clinic for more than 15 years. Its clients are characterized by the great satisfaction they get after the services of Aesthetic Medicine and integral beauty provided by Paula and her team.


It has chosen a representation of people from different fields and knowledge:
Montse Hidalgo (Coach & trainer / Speaker motivational)
With sweetness we will have all the same opportunities
Arantxa García Elices (Coordinator of Friendly Business Program of the University of Salamanca)
As a worker, mother, wife, daughter …. but always sharing sweetness
Pilar Pérez Pérez (Commercial Sales Director of Helmántica-Audi).
Struggling to sweeten a masculine topic

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