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Maes Honey expands its capacity as a honey supplier

Maes Honey began the year with the objective of expanding its facilities by reinforcing its storage for greater sales performance.

The company from Salamanca is in the top 1 in Spain and the top 10 in Europe as a honey exporter. Maes Honey exports honey to more than 30 countries, exhibiting a production capacity and immediate and highly efficient reaction.

New warehouses and expansion of Maes Honey

By the end of 2022, the expansion of the company’s Aldeatejada plant will be fully completed. Said reform will provide a 200% increase in storage of honey and other supplies for Maes Honey. 

This improvement is highly relevant considering the current situation regarding delivery times and the crisis of market shortages. Given these circumstances, it is necessary to take into account the various world routes and the political situations of each country to market the product. 

The new warehouses have been built after the current ones in Aldeatejada, all having connections inside. The factory increases its surface area to 15,000 m2, with a storage capacity of 5 million kilos of honey and can produce 12,000 tons per year.

Export and foreign trade

With this reform, immediate supply and production of any honey order received is guaranteed. In addition, it decreases the possibility of uncontrollable setbacks to meet all the needs of customers.

The objective of Maes Honey is foreign trade and a sustainable production totally free of contaminants. In 2021, 170 KW of solar panels were installed on the roof of the warehouse, and with the new extension, three new 180 KW generators have been installed to minimize the environmental impact of the factory.

Figures and honey production of Maes Honey

Every day about 75,000 kilos of honey enter and leave the Maes Honey facilities, always keeping a minimum of 2 million kilos in the company. These figures have made it possible for 8,500 tons of honey to be produced in 2021 and that the forecast for 2022 is to exceed 9,000 tons by the end of the year.

The most outstanding products for sale are those packaged for retail, working with more than 500 distributor brand references.

Maes Honey constantly strives to remain the best supplier of honey. Therefore, they have achieved the highest reliability in the industry. The company from Salamanca invests 25% every year in improvements and optimization of the way of production and supply to increase its productivity and sustainability.

In addition to this expansion in its storage capacity, Maes Honey continues to set itself new challenges in its growth. This new extension causes a restructuring of the planning and logistics of the company. Even with these changes in process, the company is already working on the development of new PET containers.

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