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Interview with César Redondo, director of Maes Honey

The “General Foundation of the University of Salamanca” has interviewed our general director, César Redondo. He has been interested above all in the balance of 2017 and the outlook for this 2018. Interview with César Redondo, director of Maes Honey.
César Redondo explains the change of name of Maes, previously Feyce. “We are still the same team because with this new name we wanted to honor my grandparents. Manuela and Esteban. Who were the ones who started me in the world of honey. And on the other, show a more international image, with a new easy to pronounce abroad. ” “Exporting 80% of the production made it necessary for a long time to see the need for change”
A change of image that the director of Maes values ​​with the help of the entire team of his company. “But I would also like to emphasize that for me the family is much more than the Redondo. MAES is formed by a great team of professionals that I value and with whom I consulted a lot every step I was going to take. We all walk together in one direction and it is important to listen to the contributions to enrich the company as much as possible.”

The valuation of 2017

On the valuation of 2017, César says that “In MAES Honey, 2017 was a year full of challenges. On the one hand, the weather has made the Spanish harvest very scarce. Making us have to work hard to get enough honey for our customers. And we have tried so hard to exceed our own expectations, achieving great consumer satisfaction. On the other hand, we have incorporated new formats such as the jar of honey and new more exclusive products such as acacia mono-floral honey.”

The expectations of 2018

Among the expectations of 2018 our director highlights that “in the short term we must continue to offer tailor-made products of the highest quality, but in the medium and long term we will continue to update the image and product to each market. Also expanding our range and therefore our lines so that the packaging adapts perfectly to each country. And of course, to continue expanding our productive capacity in which we have set ourselves the goal of producing 12,000 tons in 2020.”
To conclude, highlight that MAES Honey will continue to highlight innovation. “For the rest, we will continue as usual, working hard to continue being the largest honey exporter in Spain. Our goal in 2020 is to be among the 10 largest packers of honey in Europe and this can only be achieved with effort “. “Although we have the most modern packaging machine in southern Europe, we do not have to settle for it. Currently the markets are very dynamic and we have to be alert.”

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