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MAES Honey, leaders in the export of honey

Values ​​such as effort, perseverance and tradition have been key to guarantee that MAES Honey has today become a leading company in the export of honey in the international arena. 

This family business, based in Salamanca, has more than a century of history, in which the care of the product throughout its process and the perseverance to maintain the artisanal values ​​of quality have been essential. 

This is reflected in its high quality and prestigious products, which have the highest qualifications in international quality certifications: BRC, IFS, Kosher, FDA or Halal. 

export of honey

Likewise, to guarantee the highest quality of the products, all products go through a rigorous control throughout the entire production process, from the acquisition of raw materials to the delivery of honey. This makes it easy for the different MAES Honey products to be easily recognized worldwide. 

On the other hand, MAES Honey offers private label or distributor services; both for the retail sector and for foodservice. For this, a comprehensive service of adaptation and packaging of the product is offered following the customer’s specifications.

Leader in the export of honey

MAES Honey is the leading honey export company in Spain; ranking within the Top 10 packaging companies in Europe. 

Although the last year has been difficult to export honey internationally, the truth is that MAES Honey has managed to stay in the sector and continue to take its product to many countries. 

To do this, every year, the company produces around 15,000 tons of honey, of which 4.3 million kilos are exported to 30 different countries, located on 5 continents. 

export of honey.

This represents 80% of the total exports made in Salamanca, 66% of those made in Castilla y León; and about 20% of the total honey exports made in the national territory. 

On the other hand, MAES Honey has the largest packing plant in Spain, and the most modern in southern Europe, which guarantees the production and export of large volumes of honey. Likewise, values ​​such as innovation, flexibility, efficiency and speed to deliver the product have been key to guaranteeing its success in the international arena.

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