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Cream honey, character "gourmet"

Another way to enjoy the taste and properties of sweet honey. Character “gourmet”.

Cream honey, with its special flavor, is presented in a different way. It has a creamy texture ideal for spreading in addition to a very pleasant texture on the palate, capable of delighting the most demanding palates. Hence the expression cream honey, character “gourmet”.
It is made with absolute respect for the original product thanks to a cold system that does not pervert the essence of the sweetener of our beloved bees, so it maintains the qualities over time. It’s the most stable form of honey.
This honey does not lose any of its properties, raw honey is used, that is, as it is extracted from the hive without subsequently having suffered to heating or pasteurization processes. For this reason, its benefits are exactly the same as those of pure honey, the only thing that changes is its texture and presentation. In this way it retains its antiseptic, antibiotic, energizing and anti-inflammatory properties, among many others.

Cream honey, character “gourmet”

New consumer trends require us to produce suitable products, thus allowing the opening of new unsatisfied market routes. This product is a honey marketing alternative.
From Maes Honey we launch this new honey line to meet the needs and demand of our customers and consumers. We are always in continuous production and innovation, which makes us one of our country’s export leaders.

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