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Broom quality honey

In this summer season broom honey is collected, which is very sweet and aromatic. It may have a light amber color reaching dark with reddish reflections. Broom quality honey.
Broom has traditionally been used as a natural remedy and to make brooms. Currently some varieties of broom are used in the pharmaceutical industry for having medicinal properties.
We thank the beekeepers who, in these hot days, collect high quality broom honey so that we can get it to our customers.

At MAES HONEY we are committed to the quality and safety of our products

At MAES HONEY we work every day to guarantee our clients the best quality, trying to exceed their expectations. To be able to guarantee this, both flower honey and forest honey are taken care of from the honey’s purchase until its final receipt by consumers.
All analytical control of the product is carried out in external laboratories specialising in honey, such as Applica Intertek Food Services GmbH and EUROFINS.

Satisfy our customers with products which fit with their wants

To produce products of maximum quality, generating competitive advantages for our clients in the different international markets.  Incorporating the most advanced technologyand generating an easy, fast and effective relationship with the client. To offer a healthy food which offers the artisanal and traditional character of the company’s roots and which exceeds the strictest quality standards for the most exquisite palates located in any part of the world. To guarantee a product and service with the maximum quality and establish relationships based on business excellence, safety and trust.

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