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8,000 tons of honey to sweeten the world from Salamanca

Below we leave you the link of an article that has been published in “El País” and has been written by Vidal Maté. It develops the story of Maes Honey from its origins to the present day. Four generations lovers of bees and honey that have boosted the Salamanca economy. From beginnings in beekeeping as a hobby to be the main honey exporters in Spain, through being the largest beekeepers in the country.

Today Maes Honey exports honey to 34 countries on 5 continents. 8,000 tons of honey to sweeten the world from Salamanca

Worldwide recognition

Although it is now in the 8,000 tons of production honey, Maes Honey has the capacity to produce up to 12,000. One part of the honey comes from national beekeepers. The other 50% of other European, Latin American and Asian countries. All honey from which Maes Honey is supplied follows strict and rigorous quality controls. In addition, all analytical control of the product is carried out in external laboratories specialized in honey. Laboratories recognized as: Applica Intertek Food Services GmbH and QSI. Highlight that Maes is the Spanish honey company with the highest certifications: BRC, IFS, FDA and Kosher, Kosher Passover, Halal. And we also offer SAE control for those countries where it is needed.

Honey’s own brands are “Las Abejas”, “Bonapi” or “Mis Colmenas”, with a total market share of 20%. Starting in the 90s, the company launched itself into the world adventure. Today, it exports honey to 34 countries on 5 continents. From Australia to the United States, and with great demand from Arab countries. Maes’s forts are multifloral honey and forest honey. It also works with monofloral honey, such as acacia or eucalyptus. And we offer a wide range of products, from retail to industrial. Also offering exclusive anti-drip squeezes

8,000 tons of honey 

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