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Honey for the Horeca sector

At Maes Honey we have a wide range of formats specially designed for the HORECA line (Hotels, Restaurants and Catering).

The properties and benefits of a food like honey are widely known to most cooks. We are facing one of the best and healthiest natural sweeteners. Its flavor combines with a multitude of desserts, dishes and sauces, thus providing a wide range of gastronomic possibilities.

If you belong to the Horeca sector and are looking to buy honey wholesale, in our catalog you can choose a variety of formats specially designed for the Horeca line.

Miel en la industria alimentaria

Properties and uses of honey in the food industry

  • Moistening: honey helps to moisturize food, especially confectionery preparations such as dough. It eliminates the dryness and porosity of these preparations and improves the texture of baked products, giving the impression of a moist and shiny appearance on their surface.
  • Gratin: in the preparation of poultry meat mainly, through the use of honey a good point of gratination is achieved, which gives the meat an excellent presentation and flavor.
  • Flavoring: the gluconic acid contained in honey enhances the flavor of the preparations. In dietary intakes it has a real importance, precisely when it is necessary to replace sodium.
  • Antioxidant: honey contains an important antioxidant activity, allowing the preservation of different foods. It is quite useful for example with dried and fresh fruits, being able to preserve, for example, a fruit salad without it darkening due to oxidation.

Our formats for HORECA

At Maes Honey we have formats designed for the convenience of the hospitality customer. Especially relevant is that our entire range is a total guarantee of quality of the packaged product, to provide our customers with the greatest satisfaction.

It is important that the products of the Horeca sector have a high quality. That is why we carefully take care of all the details. In addition, we produce a complete assortment.

Discover our different formats of honey for HORECA:

Formatos miel para Horeca

To ensure that our clients receive a product in optimal conditions, from the acquisition of raw materials to the delivery of honey, all selection, reception, production and dispatch processes are subject to strict and rigorous control.

For this reason, there are supplier certification processes, sampling, quality controls, production, packaging … thus making MAES HONEY the Spanish honey company with the highest certifications: BRC, IFS, Kosher, FDA and Halal.

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